Kolaveri: What does it mean actually?

‘Kolaveri’, a rage on the internet and elsewhere, is a highly popular slang among Tamil youth, normally used to silence a cranky person in a group.

It is among several Tamil words which youngsters use between themselves without implying actual meaning. Kolaveri, which means murderous rage, is now popular even in other parts of the country, thanks to the peppy song ‘Why this kolaveri di?’ from upcoming Tamil flick ‘3’.

The song is a rage among millions of students and youngsters, especially in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and video sharing site of You Tube. ‘Yen indha kolaveri? (why this kolaveri)’ can be heard in college campuses and other places where youngsters hang around in Tamil Nadu.

It is actually used to put off a cranky person in a group. The slang has been used by the makers of ‘3’ to depict the anguish of a person who has just tasted rejection from the hands of a girl whom he liked.

So here are the meanings of the words:
Why this Kolaveri Di?: Why do you have this Kolaveri, Girl? (Represents the guy’s feeling after his girlfriend ditched him).

Kolaveri: Urge to Kill/Torment/Hurt (meaning varies on situation) someone.

Soup Song: A song about failing in love.

Soup Boys: Men who have failed in love.

Sariyaa Vaasi: Play the music properly.

Showed me Bouv-u: Rejected me (When you go near a dog, it barks ‘Bow’ which means, go away don’t come near me. Similarly when you go after a girl and she shoos you away, it is called showing ‘Bow-u’. In a funny way.)

Da or Mama: Tamil variant of “Dude” or “Bro”.

Di: Tamil variant of “Girl” or “Babe”.