Google Redirecting to In India

BloggerIf you access any of the Blogger hosted blogs from India, Google will automatically redirect you to the corresponding address.

To give you an example, if a blog’s address is and you try opening that page from an IP address in India, Google will send you to A similar redirection is happening for individual article pages as well.

Original page:

Redirected to:

How to Prevent Google from Redirecting Blogs

If you are visiting a blog and Google is redirecting you to the country-specific domain, you (as the user) can prevent that redirection by adding /ncr to the blog URL. For instance, if the blog URL is, the new URL would be and it won’t redirect to any other address.

The Problem with Redirecting URLs

The above change is applicable only for free blogs that are served from and does not affect Blogger blogs that use a custom domain. Also, Blogger takes care of the redirection part so none of your existing URLs should return a 404.

That said, there’s one significant downside I can think of. All your blog pages effectively have two different URLs now and that could dilute your Google juice.

Site visitors in India will see your URL while visitors outside India will be served the original URL. However, if another website links to your .in address and a visitor outside India tries to access your blog via that site, they won’t be redirected to your original .com address. And that’s bad for your site from the SEO perspective.

The other problem is that this change will completely alter yoursocial analytics. If your original blog post got ‘n’ likes on Facebook, the new count will be ’0? since the URL has changed. Thus social sharing sites like Twitter, Facebook and even Google Plus will see that redirected page as a new web page.