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View Of Pune City
View Of Pune City

Last to last week, my practical exams were going on. I was bored as hell for studying for practicals. At this time my friend asked me about this trek. It was a hard decision, whether to go for the trek or to sit home and study. But as I said earlier that I was bored of the studies and also I had heard good things about this trek.. This was a moonlight trek, so it has to be done when there is full moon or almost full moon. This was going to be a completely new experience to me as I hadn’t done trekking at night. So I decided to go for the trek.( Right in the middle of my practical exams..!! :-D)

The Katraj To Sinhgad Trek K2S was organised by Yuvashakti. The actual trek doesn’t require any organization as such, but the transportation to the starting point and back from ending point was needed. Also we get a group when we go via some organization.

The gathering point was Swargate, and the time was 5.00 in the evening. We reached there on time (well almost 😉 ). And as it always happens when you go with Yuvashakti, we left Swargate by 6.00 i.e. 1 hr late. We were surprised to see that there were about 70 people total in our group.We reached the starting point by 7.05pm. The starting point wasn’t actually the Katraj Tunnel but 1.5km ahead of it. Our leader explained that this has saved our 2 hrs as we had skipped one hill.

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